Share Data with Confidence!

Build data pipelines to other companies and make private data usable in a simple, scalable, and secure way.

One Platform for All Your Data Sharing Needs

Connect your Data Source

Connect your data systems with adapters and identify the data that you want to collaborate on with the data explorer.

Define your Data Collaboration

Specify which data can be accessed and what can be done with it. Utilize data policies and secure execution environments.

Share and use Data together

Collaborate with one or multiple parties and benefit from shared data products in your business.

SAVIAN Platform


Use the highest security standards out of the box and collaborate even on sensitive information. In addition, access constraints and privacy preserving techniques give you even more control over your data.


The combination of a plug-and-play solution with a simple user interface makes your data sharing seamless. Our low-code solution makes the implementation of data collaboration more robust and even usable for non-developers.


The modularity of the platform allows data sharing and collaboration with various data types. Moreover, it can be used in a heterogeneous system landscape and supports the collaboration with multiple partners.


The platform preserves your valuable business resources. It speeds up the time from zero to data collaboration tremendously and requires less technical expertise. In addition, it lowers the operational costs and cyber risks.

“I am convinced that data collaborations will have
an immense benefit for business and society.”

Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig – TU Darmstadt

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